Evco Discussion Forums Charter

Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa (EVCO) Discussion Forums

The Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa discussion forums (email discuss list and wiki) allow you to communicate with other electric vehicle enthusiasts in Ottawa and around the world. You do not have to be an active EVCO member to contribute. Anyone who agrees to follow this charter is welcome to post articles. PLEASE READ this charter BEFORE posting to determine what topics are appropriate.

EVCO discusison e-mail list

The EVCO discussion list is a general forum for discussion about electric vehicle issues and EVCO activities. Only subscribers can post messages. Posted messages are sent by e-mail to all list subscribers.

To subscribe: Send an e-mail to "evco-request@lists.tricolour.ca" with the body containing only "subscribe". Write the word "end" on the next line. The subject should only contain "subscribe". Follow the instructions in the reply.

To unsubscribe: Send a request to "evco-request@lists.tricolour.ca" with "unsubscribe" in the body. Write "end" on the next line. The subject line should only contain "unsubscribe". Follow the instructions in the reply.

To post a message: Send a message to "evco@lists.tricolour.ca"


This mailing-list is operated by the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa (EVCO), a not for profit organization dedicated to promoting the use of electric vehicles as a viable transportation alternative that is ecological, economical, practical, and available now.

This mailing list is for member and public discussions about events, projects, issues and policies that affect or may affect electric vehicles. For example:


Please don't post attachments, and avoid HTML messages, particularly to the list management robot (mailman).

Netiquette: Read this Netiquette document published by the IETF, which provides a minimum set of guidelines for Network Etiquette, before posting to any mailing list.

Personal attacks on other participants are not allowed. If you want to say something of a personal nature or directed only at one individual, use private e-mail. Do not tease, bait, mock, satirize, swear at, scream at (USING ALL CAPS FOR EXAMPLE), unconstructively criticize, or insult other participants; such activity is specifically forbidden by this charter.

Failure to observe these guidelines or instructions from EVCO executive members will be grounds for reprimand, probation, or removal.


Please make sure to read, understand, and stick within the list charter. Further, according to EVCO's Application for Incorporation appropriate topics includes anything that:

(a) enhances the public awareness of electrically driven vehicles, their friendly environmental aspects and other advantages. (b) provides information and discussion on all aspects of electric vehicles. (c) talks about demonstrations of actual electric vehicles in parades, exhibitions and shows. (d) regards lobbying the Government and Service utilities to use and support the use of electric vehicles and thus improve the environment. (e) encourages and assists groups and individuals to purchase or construct and use electric vehicles.

If unsure, please contact a member of the executive.


Do not post off-list emails from other parties without their permission. What happens off-list, stays off-list.


Respect the copyright on material that you reproduce. Include a link to an original posting rather than reproducing an entire article, unless you want to extract and point to specific portions, in which case proper attribution is needed.

Email List: Important Technical Points

Attachments: List postings that contain attachment files will be deleted, especially those containing executable code or proprietary file formats. This reduces the spread of viruses and promotes accessibility, interoperability and appropriate bandwidth usage.

Microsoft has some information on How to turn off "winmail.dat" attachments in Outlook.

How to set your e-mail to send plain text, allowing it to pass through the list

Help ?

If you have questions, write to the list owner.

EVCO Wiki Usage

The EVCO Wiki is a collaboration environment where members and contributors can edit content from within their Web clients.

Since users have the ability to overwrite each other's work and to behave in unacceptable ways as described above for the email list, the rules described for Netiquette continue to be applicable along with the consequences of unacceptable behaviours.

Wikipedia:Etiquette is also a good reference. Failure to observe such guidelines, or instructions from EVCO executive members, will be grounds for reprimand.

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